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In the United States, nearly half of the 6.1 million annual pregnancies are unintended. With family planning services at Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, your pregnancy doesn’t have to become a statistic. From preconception counseling to permanent contraception, you get the services you need at three convenient locations in Westport, Fairfield, and Norwalk, Connecticut. Book your consultation online today or call the Avery Center to schedule.

Family Planning Q & A

What is Family Planning?

Family planning allows you to plan your pregnancies, spacing them apart as you wish. It also helps prevent unplanned pregnancies. Together, this lets you achieve the family size you desire. At the Avery Center, a full range of family planning services is available.

Your OB/GYN offers preconception health services, including education, counseling, and screening for specific conditions and genetic factors that may make conception or pregnancy more difficult. Preconception counseling helps you prepare and be in the best possible shape before you get pregnant, improving outcomes for both you and your baby.

Family planning services can also include:

  • Contraception and birth control
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Infertility services
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment
  • Preventive screenings

What Kind of Contraceptives are There?

Your doctor at the Avery Center offers a variety of contraceptive options.

  • Hormonal: If you think you may want to have children within the next five years, your doctor may recommend a hormonal contraceptive, such as the pill, patch, ring, or shot. These options use hormones to stop your body from ovulating. With no ovulation, no egg is released to get fertilized. Although these contraceptives can reduce the risk of pregnancy, they don’t protect against STDs
  • BarrierBarrier methods, including condoms and female condoms, are also an effective form of birth control for those who may want to get pregnant soon.
  • Implants: If you’re looking for long-term but not permanent contraception, your doctor may suggest an implant. These go under your skin and slowly release hormones, stopping ovulation for up to five years.
  • IUDs: Intrauterine devices (IUDs), which are small devices that your doctor places in your uterus, can also prevent pregnancy.

Are There Permanent Birth Control Options?

The doctors at the Avery Center also offer permanent birth control options. These are for women who are already happy with the number of children they have and don’t want to get pregnant again.

Depending on your needs, your OB/GYN may recommend a tubal ligation -- getting your “tubes tied” -- or a sterilization implant like EssureⓇ. Either one blocks the fallopian tubes, preventing conception by not allowing sperm and egg to meet.

When you’re in need of family planning services, seek the help of the physicians at the Avery Center. Call today to schedule your appointment or book it online now.

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